Financial Capital Services

Does your business need to move beyond tight financing restrictions to find funding for growth? Our accountants know how to help, with unparalleled experience and knowledge across a broad range of business sectors.

What is the Financial Capital Gap?

The financial capital gap is an issue for:

  • established businesses who are on a path to sustained growth
  • established businesses looking at restructuring for growth
  • early cycle businesses seeking a way to grow

Each of these has the same issue – access to appropriate finance.

These businesses need to move beyond the tight financing restrictions imposed by their existing bank to obtain the funding required to fuel growth. This is probably the biggest impediment to business success in the Irish economy today, but it can be overcome.

Addressing the Financial Capital Gap

We provide objective and specialist advice, assisting clients to create and extract value. We work closely with shareholders and senior management when advising on acquisitions, disposals, MBOs, finance raising, valuations, venture capital projects, project finance, property transactions, succession planning, private wealth management and corporate repositioning.

Our corporate advisors work with clients to:

  • establish your business objectives
  • prepare or revise a business plan to achieve those objectives
  • identify the funding requirements to deliver the plan
  • identify funding options potentially available to finance the plan
  • agree options to pursue
  • prepare funding proposals for providers, managing the application process and any due diligence or reviews, and
  • assist the client in negotiating agreements with banks or other finance providers.

Our team command a strong position in the Corporate Finance marketplace, with years of national & international experience in helping clients find funding. Set up your free consultation today to see what we can do for you by phoning 021 432 1799 or email