Revenue Audit

Received a revenue audit notification? Our experienced team at Paul O’Donovan & Associates are ready to guide you from start to finish, to help you to understand the audit process, providing answers, information and active assistance. On the day of the Revenue Audit, we will be there with you.

An upcoming revenue audit can be a source of stress for individuals and businesses alike. We have extensive experience advising and assisting clients in dealing with tax audits, investigations and related enquiries.

Paul O’Donovan & Associates provide a full service and can answer all your compliance questions, such as how far back the audit can go and time limits, what a revenue audit involves, how to prepare for and handle the process. We advise on the correct tax strategy for our clients and the likely process and we guide and assist in the preparation work to be undertaken before the audit commences, so there are no surprises.

On the day, you can rely on us to be at your side. We attend the initial audit meeting with the client and assist the client in negotiating a smooth and fair conclusion to the revenue audit.

Our experienced team at Paul O’Donovan & Associates are ready to answer your questions and guide you through the revenue audit process from start to finish.

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