Enhanced reporting requirements from 1 Jan 2024

Revenue’s Enhanced Reporting Requirements (ERR) in Ireland from 1st January 2024

Finance Act 2022 introduced Section 897C which requires employers to report details of some payments – “reportable benefits” – made to employees and directors. Reporting these starts on 1 January 2024.

What do you need to report and when?

  • Small benefit – Since January 2022, you can give employees up to two small benefits, tax free, each year.  These are non-cash benefits – such as gift cards, vouchers, memberships or tickets – and must not exceed €1,000 in total. You must now submit details of the date paid and value of this benefit.

  • Remote working daily allowance – When paying a Remote Working daily allowance, you must report the total number of days, amount paid and date paid.

  • Travel and subsistence – Payments by employers to employees to reimburse business-related travel and subsistence costs, including emergency travel and eating on site.

Where you make one or more of these payments below, you must submit the details on the Revenue Online Service (ROS). Submission must be made on, or before, the payment date to the employee.

ROS will provide a means of manually submitting ERR details, similar to that used currently for payroll reporting.

What’s next? And what about ERR Phase 2?

If you are an employer, you need to engage with your finance, payroll and human-resources teams on the requirements and ensure your payroll software provider is aware of this new reporting requirement and implementing it. You may need to review the processes involved in collating information on these benefits.

This is phase one of Enhanced Reporting Requirements (ERR). Revenue has not indicated what will be included in further phases. Revenue is working with 3rd party software providers to develop this reporting service.

Want to know more?

Revenue announced there will be continuous engagement with stakeholders as this work continues. This began in January 2023, with Revenue contacting all stakeholders through their ROS inbox.

For more information contact your financial advisor or see the Revenue site

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